Demco Scientific Glassware, Inc. was started in 1989 as a manufacturer of scientific and laboratory glassware. Located in Millville, New Jersey, Demco's success lies in our ability to consistently provide quality products to some of the oldest, largest, and most well respected companies manufacturing and selling scientific glassware in the United States.

With 50 years experience, Demco specializes in hand-tooling and grinding glassware. Our product line includes inner and outer glass joints, hand tooled blown flasks, internal and external glass threads and flanges. OEM design and production is another of our specialties. Our lamp and lathe departments are equipped to produce both standard and custom designed scientific and laboratory glassware.

Demco Scientific Glassware, Inc. provides personal and professional service catering to each customer's individual product requirements and delivery schedules. At Demco we strive to meet each challenge by providing high quality glassware, utilizing advanced techniques along with attentive and responsive customer service.

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Clyde DeMary


We are proud members of The American Scientific Glassblowers Society
We are a minority owned and operated business.